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Date: Tue May 01 2001 - 13:42:31 BST

AH! Of course. I remember now getting the impression, while reading LILA, of
DQ manifesting as waves breaking on shore. Each successive wave leaves
residue which builds up the static pattern of the beach, while the "water"
itself remains "liquid", and as such never holds the same pattern for any
length of time.

I apologize if I am rehashing old material here, I'm sure this is basic to
many of you. But one must learn to swim, as it were...


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> You are exactly right, humans are not patterns of DQ, DQ patterns cannot
> take a "form" once they do, they are immediately transformed into static
> quality patterns(humans, dogs, trees, rocks, etc.) All these static
> patterns exist in an infinite sea of DQ patterns. Consciousness acts to
> open the floodgates, if you will, and allows DQ to evolve these static
> patterns into something higher, something better. I would have
> to conclude
> that therefore anything without consciousness cannot evolve their static
> patterns as there is no mechanism that I can think of that would
> allow for
> this except consciousness/awareness.

> While it is true that some humans seem
> > to be very eager to achieve some static pattern of value and not proceed
> > any further from there (mindsets), most human subjects exhibit a
> > preference for dynamic quality to enable them to move beyond established
> > static patterns towards something "better". But does this make our human
> > subject a pattern of dynamic value? I don't think so, but I can't
> > articulate exactly why. Perhaps this is where some of you folks can help
> > me?>

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