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Date: Wed May 02 2001 - 13:34:35 BST

So, a subject, i.e. a newborn baby *arrives* at c/a: "I am." -Thus
*entering* the 'Universal Consciousness' at the ground floor level? (Yes,
the language is the primary limitation we face when dealing with such
concepts.) I am going to read through this Boundary Institute stuff, and do
some more thinking before I jump back into this. Thank you all...


Marty and Elephant wrote:

>>>You said: "I think the recognition that there are *other* consciousnesses
important... The reality of your consciousness just strikes me as obvious."

Me: I don't deny that you experience consciousness as well; I just don't
think that it's YOUR consciousness.
Example : We both live in the same house - I'm in the unfinished basement
and you live in the penthouse (I guess hard work pays off!). Neither of us
can exit the area we are in. When we describe the house we are living in,
the descriptions will probably be quite different, yet we both live in the
same house.
Our different experiences of consciousness lead us to describe it
differently, yet it may well be the same consciousness we are experiencing.

Elephant: "'Consciousness has us rather than the other way around'? Almost.
that not being an object it can't have properties."

Me: I agree that Consciousness is no object; my point was that
consciousness is not the product of the brains of certain sentient beings,
but that our experience of consciousness leads us to perceive static/dynamic
quality and to give it names, such as 'Elephant'.

You are right about not having the language to adequately express this
relationship, but to quote Bruce Springsteen "But Mama, that's where the fun

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> Hi All:
> Those who doubt that consciousness/awareness can exist outside
> brains or nervous systems might want to take a look at
> The presentation of experimental scientific
> evidence is impressive. I especially found D.I. Radin's paper entitled
> *Who, what and where is self?* to be enlightening.
> Platt
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