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Date: Thu May 17 2001 - 21:15:04 BST

It's great to have another on the list, and great to have another
Dave. (The best thing about this proliferation of Davids is that it leads
to outrageous pseudonyms, just to keep track).

I like what you say about some dynamic course, teaching not from a book but
in discussion. The best teachers do that anyway don't they? I suppose it
depends a little on the subject matter?

Maybe you want to expand a bit on the Hendrix point? What were the dangers
and what were the dynamic elements in his life? Were they the same? I
guess you could say that it was a variety of fairly static patterns of
substance abuse in the music industry that killed him, not the dynamic
music. But it's an interesting question. Do people like Janis Joplin die
because they are dynamic, or because there is some conflict and turmoil
between the static and the dynamic? That's maybe a theme of Lila - how an
accomodation might be reached between the dynamic and the static in our
lives. Maybe?

David (aka elephant)

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> Hi all,
> Another introduction 'email' I'm afraid, but as a few others seem to be
> doing it, I'll plunge in.
> I'm a 37 y/o environmental consultant/lecturer with a PhD in
> biochemistry from the University of Wales. I currently manage a small
> environmental 'unit' at Staffordshire University, UK. I'm married with
> one 3 year old son who exhibits far too much Dynamic Quality for me to
> cope with at 6 am each morning!
> Until about 3 years ago I motorcycled daily to work with summer
> excursions around the UK and Europe on the bike (as far as Vienna). I
> read ZAMM when I was in my teens and LILA just after it came out. I'm
> still trying to understand the concepts as they relate to 'real' life
> and have attempted to introduce a little 'Quality' into my lectures,
> especially last year when I was teaching an undergrad module entitled
> 'Workplace Awareness and Personal Development'.
> I'm fascinated by the posts to the MoQ and hope to be able to
> contribute something coherent at some stage. I think the recent
> discussions regarding a 'Quality' book or course are very interesting.
> We are heavily involved here with distributed learning - teaching
> Environmental courses via the internet and I think, rather than a
> formal text, a course run via a website would be much more 'flexible'
> (higher DQ?) than a paper book - hey,another analogy - Dynamic internet
> tuition versus Static paper tuition?
> I also play the guitar - and have started wondering - is DQ dangerous?
> Does a direct 'connection' with DQ burn you out? I'm thinking of people
> like Jimi Hendrix, who were often quoted as 'channelling' music
> from some kind of mystical source. Robert Fripp of King Crimson has
> said that music plays 'through him', rather than him playing it - some
> kind of link with DQ?
> I look forward to reading your thoughts on this.
> best regards
> Dave
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