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Hi, Dave and welcome to the group. I am relatively new myself and I really
enjoy the dialog.

The subject of music and the DQ is very interesting to me; I have had the
feeling for years that music somehow reflects the ultimate
unknown/unknowable. Your question about Jimi Hendrix reminds me of some
past discussions. I don't recall the conversations verbatim, but they
concerned 'living in dynamic quality' and the risk that is inherent in doing
so. In the case of some of the rock stars (and others) that have died, it
seems that living a mostly dynamic existence can be detrimental to one's
health. By 'living a dynamic lifestyle' I mean living for the moment -
going where the spirit move you, with no real concern for the long term
consequences. In many of these cases, it appears that there may be a desire
to get the most out of each moment, but in an extreme manner, without
concern for safety or health.

Is this a result of pursuing dynamic quality, a by-product of the excessive
lifestyles allowed within the music/entertainment culture, a product of
personal psychological issues or a combination of all these factors? It
seems that many of the very creative among us follow this very path...

Music, it seems to me, is an excellent example of dynamic/static quality.
Music, as it is created and performed and experienced, seems to be pure
dynamic quality. Once we hear it, record it name it and replay it, it is
now a picture of the dynamic in a static form, which can lead to a very
different experience. Jimi Hendrix is a good example - when I first heard
his music in a live concert, that experience was much different to listening
to his recordings today. I don't just mean the quality of the listening
experience, although that is obviously part of it, I mean the quality of the
intellectual experience - what I'm thinking while I'm listening. The first
time music is heard it is easy to just listen to the music and go where it
takes you; thirty years later I still can enjoy the music, but I find it
difficult not to think about that time 30 years ago - the static memory of
the dynamic experience.
After all, it was The Jimi Hendrix EXPERIENCE, wasn't it?

Anyway, as Neil Young wrote: "It's better to burn out than it is to rust"

Rock on,
marty j

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Hi all,

Another introduction 'email' I'm afraid, but as a few others seem to be
doing it, I'll plunge in.

I'm a 37 y/o environmental consultant/lecturer with a PhD in
biochemistry from the University of Wales. I currently manage a small
environmental 'unit' at Staffordshire University, UK. I'm married with
one 3 year old son who exhibits far too much Dynamic Quality for me to
cope with at 6 am each morning!

Until about 3 years ago I motorcycled daily to work with summer
excursions around the UK and Europe on the bike (as far as Vienna). I Dave
read ZAMM when I was in my teens and LILA just after it came out. I'm
still trying to understand the concepts as they relate to 'real' life
and have attempted to introduce a little 'Quality' into my lectures,
especially last year when I was teaching an undergrad module entitled
'Workplace Awareness and Personal Development'.

I'm fascinated by the posts to the MoQ and hope to be able to
contribute something coherent at some stage. I think the recent
discussions regarding a 'Quality' book or course are very interesting.
We are heavily involved here with distributed learning - teaching
Environmental courses via the internet and I think, rather than a
formal text, a course run via a website would be much more 'flexible'
(higher DQ?) than a paper book - hey,another analogy - Dynamic internet
tuition versus Static paper tuition?

I also play the guitar - and have started wondering - is DQ dangerous?
Does a direct 'connection' with DQ burn you out? I'm thinking of people
like Jimi Hendrix, who were often quoted as 'channelling' music
from some kind of mystical source. Robert Fripp of King Crimson has
said that music plays 'through him', rather than him playing it - some
kind of link with DQ?

I look forward to reading your thoughts on this.

best regards


Dr. Dave Moreman
Your Friendly Manager At:
The Centre for Environmental Technology
Staffordshire University
College Road

tel: 01782 294830
fax: 01782 295768

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