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I have been playing in a small band for some years too. We weren't that good as
far as musical technique goes, and someday it occured to us that we could just
play random and record. It is *amazing* what comes out of it. Definitely we made
some music that we could never be able to do intellectually (i.e., deliberately).
The most incredible thing is that melodic structures do emerge that are often
beyond your technical ability to compose/play. I think great musicians are so
good that they can do deliberately what an ordinary person does "per chance" and
thus, when they enter *their* (half-?)unconscious, it produces art at a much
higher quality level.

Great music/art seems to be the one you can't really define/describe. That seems
new each time, because you could never manage to have the *whole* picture of it
in your head, and say, "the artist wanted to do so and so". There's always
something left out. Always new facets, etc. I think this topic is *really*
relevant for MOQ. Either an issue of levels' interplay or of Static/Dynamic

AS ha scritto:

> in response to dave's statement about dq being exhibited through music, in
> the case of hendrix and others, i think that it is very true. i play violin
> and write my own music and all, and sometimes when i play, i stop paying
> attention to what im playing, and random notes come out that sound harmonious
> on the tape recorder. the thing i dont understand is how my fingers go where
> they do without me willing them to do so. or am i really willing them at a
> sub-conscious level that i can't detect. in any case, i know that there is a
> definite dq presence there, but im not sure exactly how or why.. any
> edification on this would be appreciated.
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