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From: Marty Jorgensen (
Date: Mon May 21 2001 - 17:54:52 BST

Jon wrote:

  You realize that anything you've ever put on the internet is potentially
  there in cyberspace *forever.* Whether it's published in a book or not, it
  remains on the internet and can be found. Even if you deleted all the old
  archives, they could still be floating out there in some remote region of

   I say:

   Yes, once something is posted on the web it is available to anyone, but
that doesn't mean that you have given up your rights, or that anything
posted on the web can be copied and published in a book or other forum
without permission. The Internet is a relatively new form of communication,
and as such all the possible applicable laws haven't caught up with it yet -
just look at what's happening in the music and film-rights area, for
instance. If Diana doesn't want her posts published in a book, for
whatever reason, that is her right - if not legally than certainly morally.

  As to whether or not an edited version of the archives should be
published, in my opinion, it really comes down to how the work is presented.
The MOQ discussion group is a dynamic process, constantly changing and
evolving. A written record is a static history of that dynamic process and
would have to be presented as such. As to its value as a history, the proof
is in the pudding - the question to answer is 'how representative is it as
an early history of this dynamic endeavor?

  marty j

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