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Date: Tue May 22 2001 - 01:37:09 BST

i guess i never looked at it that way: he was learning music the way most
children of his age pick up language. but it would be like a four year old
talking in complex phrases with perfect subject object agreement, perfect
knowledge of tenses (past, past participle, present imperfect, present
indicative etc.). no, wait, it would be a like a four year old coming up
with poems in iambic pentameter and Miltonic verse and perfectly structured
villanelles and sonnets. which would be altogether amazing, but possible as
well. even so, i dont think a four year old would be able to know the proper
terms for what he's playing, i think he would simply do the things out of
instinct. if you asked mozart to explain the harmonic structure and rhythmic
patterns throughout the piece, i think he would have no idea what you were
talking about. but, if you let him play/write, he would demonstrate them

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