Re: MD HELP - Consumerism, homogonisation and the degregation of quality

Date: Tue May 22 2001 - 15:32:03 BST

Hello Evolve:
Thanks for such an excellent, thought-provoking post. While I certainly
agree with most everything you said I can only allude to the portion of Lila
in which Pirsig warns us to avoid playing the "blame game"(my words). I
don't have my copy handy but he clearly indicates that individuals or peoples
can fall into a trap of blaming "others" (be it "the company", "the white
guys", "the fill in the blanks",etc)...again my words....and I use this
passage to remind me not to allow my own frustrations to get the better of
me. What I learned most from ZAMM was my responsibility in recognizing my
personal sense of duty, my arete, and realizing that until I had achieved my
own sense of "self" (which I'm still working on) I probably wasn't going to
be much good to others. You are much farther along the "road" than I was at
your age, and I commend you for it. Secondly, while the "world scientists"
may be correct, let us not forget that someone or some group (religious,
scientific,etc.) has been espousing the end of the world probably from right
around the time the world began. I spent much of my pre-teen and later years
waiting for the nuclear holocaust, and that hardly get lip service these
days. Lastly, regardless of what Rasheed says, sagging breasts are never a
good thing. He's 17 for pete's sake, what does he know? :)


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