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Date: Wed May 23 2001 - 00:51:12 BST

i feel like such a sap... i dont really know too much about mozart, i dont
even like his music that much. i like vivaldi and beethoven so much better.
i have seen amadeus though (that makes anyone a mozart scholar ,doesnt it?).
it's the whole mozart 'celebrity' thing, as you said, that makes him
legendary, not the music, but the image. i have never heard what he composed
when he was 4, but i assumed it was good just because it was mozart, that's
what makes me a sap: i didn't think before making the assertion that his
early early music was of high quality. which it may or may not have been,
but i have never personally heard it. you know, this relates to the whole
advertising discussion we're in the middle of, just how people can believe
things without directly observing them and their own initial reaction to
them. so thanks for that post, it made me think a little bit more, which
i'll probably have more time to do now that school is almost out...

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