MD quality as a componant of chaos

From: david wilkinson (
Date: Fri May 25 2001 - 11:27:25 BST

quality is beyond the realm of subject and object as it chaos. Chaos is the
raw material which quality effects. Quality is the thing or moment that
creates order from these elements of chaos, yet chaos is necessary to
produce change, it is only the effect of the quality 'filter' that turns the
chaos fed into it into the realm of our phsical world, by producing order,
which is the first stage of pattern, without pattern is chaos. this order
is then interpreted as the laws of nature and everything is subservant to
it, proven by mathematical and scientific basis, based on subject object,
which is the result of chaos passing through quality and being turned into
pattern, as choas necesarally must constantly change this gives rise to the
fact that the pattern is dynamic, and thus has the ability to impart change.
  Static pattern would therefore not exist as to be static means to have no
pattern at all as patterns can only be developed in association with time.
Quality is therefore the ether or life force that was talked about in
earlier times, as life can only be achieved through masses of components
working together with some sort of pattern, and this pattern is derived from
the chaos which produces time, as without chaos there would be no change,
everything would be ordered so as not to need any change, or indeed because
of order change would not be able to be achieved, as to change relies on
something that is not part of the order, change is necesarry for the concept
of time. Time without change would be immeasurable in any way. Quality is
the moment when 2 or more elements of chaos achieves a momentary rythm, and
thus gives chaos a pattern. This pattern is then assesed aginst other
patterns which have been produced previously and if it is harmonious then
will continue, if the pattern contradicts another, the pattern with the
higest frequency, or rate of change will succedd. This gives rise to why
intelligance is neeeded as it effectively is an ability to process things at
a faster rate, and thus be able to impart change through overtaking of other
rythms. When a rythm overtakes another, the superceeded rythim becomes the
static pattern, cancelled out by the faster but also adding its own
influence, because to pass through, or overtake there has to be a place
where the 2 rythms are at the same event horizon, or quality moment, the
time when 2 dynamic rythms meetand achieve the same same frequncy, quality
occurs, a meme is created, or another pattern, which then influences the way
everything is interpreted. These patterns are like an instruction book,
giving us the best knowledge available at hat particular moment in time, as
knowledge is then a result of a combination of many processes, (another sub
patern), being processed at speed, the faster the processes can be
understood the better, as more processes can be considered in the same
amount of time, and thus observe higher and higher levels of order until
complete processing is made, in the case of einsteins relativity theory,
this completeness would occur at a rythm being processed at a speed faster
than light, or the speed that we can actually imput the object through our
senses, this would require prir knowledge, which would entail knowing in
advance the patterns that are to be produced and a completeness is achieved
with the realisation of chaos and the prospect of infinite possibilities.
Quality is then the event where more than one inputs are achieving a
harmonious equilibrium.
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