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Date: Fri May 25 2001 - 17:11:42 BST


> Marco mentioned that a few years ago all
> Italy was praying for a "miracle" that the
> US would not execute an Italian living in
> this country. It seems to me that the only
> thing worthy of miracle status in this
> instance would have been the resurrection
> of the murder victim.


a) the murder victim is not resurrected by another murder
b) are you sure he was the murderer? Is it the TRUTH?
c) how can you teach a kid that a murder is wrong when the nation committs murders?

> As I recall Pirsig doesn't use serial killers,
> mass murderers, etc., as examples of the criminal
> element. There is the brujo who is a peeping tom,
> and the "hip" criminals of the 60s, Black
> Panther-types and other activists. Are we
> to explain McVeigh's actions as a "dynamic" event?

IMO the dynamic event is to let him alive.

We had terrorism in Italy in the 70s. Bombs, murders. Italy has won that battle simply enclosing in a jail many of those terrorists.

The same is hopefully becoming with mafia. Killing them makes only of them heroes for new stupid boys. This is verified it happens for terrorists, serial killers, rapers, mafiosi and so on.

Let them grow old, with their blame in a jail. After many years they will probably ask for forgiveness. Anyway, a possible hero will become a nerd old loser.

We are not in a war situation. Our society is not risking to be destroyed by those terrorists.
Capital punishment is just a stupid, useless, dangerous vengeance.

I'd also add that one who is in America a terrorist, could be an hero somewhere else; and vice versa. I don't remember the name, but I've heard about an American who is risking the capital punishment, as he has worked for KGB. But I'm sure that America would protest if China or Russia will kill someone who has worked for the CIA.

Nelson Mandela was a terrorist. Anti-fascist partizans were terrorists. Che Guevara was a terrorist. George Washington was a terrorist. Even Jesus Christ was a terrorist. I agree that Mc Veighs is on the wrong side... but the only way to demonstrate he is on the wrong side is to show that the nation he was fighting is different.


thanks again, Rasheed.

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