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From: Dean Dibling (
Date: Fri May 25 2001 - 22:27:01 BST

>Please don't forget us drug-addled geeks; we're people too, you know!

Sorry! I guess you've already bridged that gap!!

>The MOQ seems to call for the higher static pattern to rule the lower.
>Since this doesn't seem to be occurring with a high degree of success, than
>it is our responsibility, on the intellectual/governing level, to rectify

Good points, though relating Government with Intellect is just begging for
some jokes! I agree, however, that the higher levels must control the lower
levels. My problem is deciding where the Intellect resides. Government seems
to be very much be a part of Society...or at Society's whim. Take alcohol,
for example. The Intellect may point out the harm that alcohol does (can do)
to society and, therefore, decide that alcohol should be outlawed. The
Government did just that in the US in the 20's. Eventually Society decided
thaty would rather have the alcohol than the more 'moral' position of having
no alcohol. Government caved. Perhaps this is just an example of the limits
imposed by the lowel-level patterns on the higher. You, the higher-level
life form, may decide not to eat. Eventually your lower-level biological
patterns will change your mind. I think this is the crux of all the posts
lately, though. We have stagnated at the societal level right now. It looked
like the Intellect would gain the upper hand during the 60's but somehow
we've regressed. And the way education looks these days, at least in the US,
it seems like we've got a while before Intellect can regain the lost ground.

Food for thought...
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