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Date: Sat May 26 2001 - 12:04:03 BST


I'm stealing a few minutes to write this, so it won't be as complete as I'd like.

I'm responding to the posts of Jonathan and others about the value of Lila's Child.

Dan Glover has worked for years to capture a "snapshot" of a historical event.

The event was, and continues to be, one of the most dynamic enterprises in the
universe today--the creation of set of new intellectual patterns sparked by MoQ.
The fact that this Dynamic/Static dialogue is happening on the internet is
significant. The fact that it continues to affect the thought processes of people
all over the world is significant. The fact that it has formed a community, (a
"virtual" community, but community, nonetheless) is significant. The fact that its
existence is being worked out within social arenas of ownership and loyalty is
significant. The fact that plain old biological patterns of fear and anger are
being stirred up is significant.

As a historian, Dan has done the world a favor, as he captures this snapshot and
gives it reality in a form that is accessible to more varied types of thought and

I gave my permission to be quoted in Lila's Child. I did not assume that I had
permission to judge the shape Dan's work took, or tell him what direction to go.
That is a converstion between Dan and the universe, and it's his baby.

Dan DID ask permission to quote, (and received it), but frankly, folks, once you
post to the Internet, you're out in the public. If you don't want to say it, don't
say it. "If you can't take the heat, stay out of the kitchen."

Lila's Child, as a book, will have its own context, but I don't think it will ever
be seen as anything but a snapshot of a process. Dan's latching that process more
firmly in the varied value sets of the world gives MoQ a foot to stand on, so to
speak, in parts of the world where it was formerly invisible. So, to squelch this
effort, especially at this point, is uncalled-for killing.

I'm proud to have been one of the building blocks of MoQ, no matter how small my
particular blocks were. Diana's were much more important than mine. And they were
good. They were not her words today, but they were the steppingstones that made
her words today possible.

"The most moral thing of all is to make space for the business of life to go on."
This particular life is valuable.

Dan, I will pay for Lila's child, if it costs $100 a copy. I think it is extremely
important. Don't try to change it. Your vision was true. If someone wants
something different--essays, or a Diana-less version--then I suggest they get
cracking and make it happen.


maggie hettinger

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