Re: MD md death penalty

Date: Sat May 26 2001 - 17:30:25 BST

sorry about not capitalizing... it usually just slows me down when i type and
im too lazy to do it. plus these are thoughts, not proclamations- thoughts
flow like coins from a candy box, unmolded by structure, akin to beatnik
poetry. but i do separate my sentences with periods, if that helps. that
stuff in that last letter was what i had read in an essay on called
'zen and the art of revolution.' it went into detail about how wars must
have a mass shifting towards dynamic quality in order to be considered high
Quality (hey, im getting the hang of this capitalization thing). and i
think, altho im not sure, that the author used the phrases, 'the moq's
position' and 'the moq holds that,' to describe his views. so i guess i
shouldn't have said that pirsig himself believes in this or that without
specific reference from the book, and i apologize for that. to me, at least,
it just seems like a natural derivative from what he did say in lila, but it
may not have been for lots of other people.

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