Re: MD Socialism

Date: Mon May 28 2001 - 03:22:50 BST


whoa, whoa, whoa, back up [sound of warning bell, a la george costanza from
seinfeld]. in response to your second point, i think that most people do in
fact see objects in the artistic field for their pragmatic worth. what is a
picasso painting, or your $100,000 piano or bill shakespeare passage to some
backwoods country bumpkin? i think where people (collectively, not from any
particular country) have problems with seeing things for their servicablity
is in clothes, food, and other necessities. people have grown tired with
wearing clothes for keeping warm, they must look good, etc.. and you need
some more elaboration on your proposition to eliminate money. is it similar
to Tom More's Utopia theory, in which money and private property are
eliminated? More advocated communism in his book, to some degree, and i
think that, like he stated at the end, his ideas were too idealistic to be
put into practice. anyway, my rambling could just be the result of me not
understanding you clearly enough, in which case, im sorry.
ps how are you related to Jack Kerouac? Im a huge fan of his, and of the
whole beatnik movement. i did a speech in class about Ginsberg a few days
ago. ive read 'Big Sur,' and ive got 'On the Road' on my desk right now.

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