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Date: Wed May 30 2001 - 19:02:04 BST

sorry about shifting from the Civil war to the Rev. war. But, i hope you got
the main idea. the idea behind the civil was to keep the nation together, at
the social level, and for unity at the intellectual level. i guess that
Pirsig assumed that we already knew about the whole connection of human
beings to intellectual Quality when he got to the part about moral wars
because he had already explained it with the death penalty discussion. he
didnt feel like mentioning it again, i suppose. and, like Matt was saying,
making 'Quality' synonomous with 'morality' is a little short-sighted. I
loved the part in ZAMM when Pirsig explained Quality by putting it into the
Tao te Ching in place of 'the way.' Looking through the book, you get verses
like, 'Cultivate [Quality] in your person, and it will be genuine.' I guess,
'Cultivate [morality] in your person...' might also work, but it depends on
what the individual sees as the highest good. YOu could put in Atman, God,
Tao, Zarathustra, and many others in place of that. But i think at the
collective unconscious level (for all you Jungianites), everyone has this
notion implanted in them of what to follow and what to become and mold
themselves into, and the word for this, i think, is 'Quality.' one last Lao
Tzu verse right quick: 'Man models himself on earth/ Earth on heaven/ Heaven
on Quality/ And Quality on that which is naturally so.'

ps Clarke, i played varsity chess my freshman year, you can bet i got all
the chicks. i also play a mean violin. i am a renaissance man indeed.

pps Simon, i dont just have penchant for older women; im 17, i go after
anything that moves.

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