MD Zen and the Art of Planetary maintenance.

Date: Sat Sep 07 2002 - 20:43:18 BST

Hello All...

Everything is conscious in my view.
An Atomic resonance, a Cricket bat, a room of drinkers down the local
watering hole has an, 'Atmosphere' - a mass coalescence or character, a
mathematician does what a cricket bat does only more Dynamically: Respond to
Quality is IT.
Everything is Quality.
Everything is conscious.

Balance, measure, harmony, grace: encourage a world such as this and all may
be well for all.
Bias, division, dissonance and weight are currently wreaking havoc?

Rationality, born of intellect but in isolation, may freely be expanded
towards its aesthetic source.
Is it rational to feel everything is conscious?

All the best,

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