Re: MD SOM and quality

From: John Beasley (
Date: Mon Sep 09 2002 - 06:04:22 BST

Hi Wim,

I hope you are not setting me a trick question, whereby 'meaning' for you is
equivalent to 'describable', hence any reply is then automatically labelled
valuable since it has been described. However you say "This 'meaning' is the
value of (experiencing) the (intellectual) reality that is evoked by things
when interpreted as symbols."

WIM: Can you give me an example of things you can discriminate and that
nevertheless have no meaning for you?

I am just inserting a colon: to celebrate my colonoscopy this morning! I can
regard it as a symbol whose value is to indicate a pause in my language. I
can play language games with it. I can also view it as two 'dots' vertically
arranged at the top and bottom level of the lower case letters, and could
estimate the separation between the dots as approximately five times the
diameter of each dot. This piece of information is of no conceivable use to
me, it has no 'value' to me, yet I am content to believe it exists.


John B

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