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> Metaphysics as a discipline has largely been misunderstood.

Dear Matt the engaged dorsal fin,
Metaphysics is the title given to a work by Aristotle which deals with
The work before the Metaphysics explores what nature is, while the
Metaphysics deals with from whence nature came.
Today, science deals with nature and other peoples, such as philosophers,
deal with the from whence bit.

Your suggestion that we can all develop our own exploration of from whence we
came is all very well, but so many have had a go at it and for so long that
certain trends have been cropping up along the way. I'm not one for
reinventing the wheel when there is one turning in front of me.

As old as the hills and as good a metaphysics as i have ever heard.
It does for me and it explains more and more with every passing year.

There is an unfortunate trend in this forum, established by the capitain
himself i venture, to make a name for oneself and establish a pecking order.
Pecker order may be more appropriate a term? <Titter>
I find this trend offensive.
It would appear you have been following in the footsteps of the great man and
wish to seek his particular approval? Why?
Our capitain has been a degenerate influence for too long. Those rewarded
with his gracious patronage are lavished most ingratiatingly by a pat on the
head. Others receive unpleasant private e-mail's that barely suppress
perturbation and despaire. <double titter>

In other words you, and others of the same ilk, stamp and trivet, are the
product of a tone set by mon capitain's wish for recognition?

All the best,

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