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Date: Mon Sep 09 2002 - 17:07:09 BST

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> Hiya MoQers,
> People will only get recognition for originality. I
> get the feeling that the absense of Mr. Pirsig himself
> from this forum says something to me about what he
> himself thinks about his philosophy. Something on the
> lines of "... not worth talking about!", "pissing in
> the wind". He probably lurks and still gets royalties,
> so why rock the boat ... eh Bob?
> Love & respect,
> André

Robert Pirsig wishes to let his child find its own way in the world.
The problem is, Capitain Bo has popped up as a jolly mack wearing uncle with
poor intentions? I did not join this forum to hear him insisting that he
knows and understands best, and be invited to sit on his lap.
I find this SOLAQI stuff low quality and should very much like to hear from
those who feel otherwise? Anyone? Just One? Please?

Apologies for triteness but maybe there is a fine line between waggish humour
and trite?
All the best,

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