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Date: Tue Sep 10 2002 - 00:34:33 BST

Hi Matt,
Thanks for responding... :-)

This, I think, is misleading. Quality is not a metaphysics. Quality is an
insight that we use in our vocabularies. It is a metaphor. It is many other
things for many other people, but its misleading to say its a metaphysics
because that implies I and others are in the process of developing a
metaphysic, when that is not necessarily the case.

The rest of your message I am, on the whole, above responding to. I might
mention, though, that I did find it amusing that you think I'm looking for
"the captain's" approval. Gee, and I thought I kinda' got on the captain's
"metaphysical nerves"....

Ah, incorrigible Squonk....


Sq: I rather felt you had aspirations to sit at cap'ms table? No? OK. I
I really like metaphysics. It is what got me going and what keeps me going;
and i have to say, i rather like placing Quality at the centre of a
metaphysics! I love it!
I like it because if you get onto it, you can sit down with anyone and relate
to quality in ways which cut right through all the high sounding guff? Don't
you feel?
If the western classical philosophical tradition has gone up its own rear so
to speak, then it can be at least never far from interesting to see different
generations of philosophers continually drawing near to the same thing but
never quite dealing with the metaphysical barrier?
All language is metaphor? I agree with you there. But what a good metaphor
Quality is?
If we discover ourselves bound by suffocating dreams inflated with the heat
of rationality, one may search out cool arbours of fragrant quality. And
breath afresh...

All the best,

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