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> You are very right in stating the similarity between "Nothing exists beyond
> the narrative" and idealism. Rorty's counter to this would be that asking
> what is beyond the narrative is a bad question that gets you sucked into
> saying idealism type things like "nothing exists beyond the narrative."
> Its just a bad question that should be dropped.

Hi Matt,
This continues to grow!
I am happy to let bad questions or positions drop, but, 'One persons bad
question' and all that?
I feel metaphysics is a legitimate area of thought and one that is also
Putting these two areas together appeals to me and i feel if it appeals to
Rorty then this may be why he is vilified? After all, the suggestion that a
position is bad is an ethical position in and of itself?
This leads me to say that Quality satisfies.

All the best,

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