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> Squonk,
> Bo has as much influence (good or bad) as you and everyone else on my
> perspective of the MOQ. If he was YOUR captain in past then maybe do this
> fight privately with him? We got your "the king must die" message now
> please
> let it rest.
> Cheers,
> erin

Hi Erin,
Bo has had more influence than I because he has been at it longer than i.
Actually, he may continue to have more influence because i cannot stomach the
tone he has set here and certainly do not intend to stay around to see it get
The tone mon capitain has set is one of, 'Let's see who can out do Pirsig.'
Pirsig has never been enough for the great leader since the success of, 'The
Quality event' went to his head. Success, perceived or otherwise, you should
note, is here a matter of social success.
Writing a good synopsis of two books is all fair enough. But that does not
necessarily mean the same individual can set about telling Pirsig were their
author goes astray!
The big man did, and this has generated a copycat effect whereby all and
sundry jump in and trot out their respective malarkey. Get it?
That's the tone you have today.

It has even been suggested that the org would be shocked if it lost, 'Uncle
In my view, the loss of the supreme being himself would be something of a
Never having to hear about that SOLILOQUY stuff again?
Now doesn't that sound appealing?

Bovine has deemed it in all our interests to inform us how well he, and only
he mind you, has a firm grasp upon his subject. Sadly, no one has had the
gumption, (titter) to demand him keep his grasp, firm, pleasurable, though
ultimately limp and futile as it may be, to himself?
Oh they try!
But the capitain, with his chart all over the table, cannot but help steer
where only fools, and little angels fear to tread?


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