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> This kind of academia is the very institutionalization that Pirsig CONDEMNED
> in our society. What discussions of Quality do take place are conducted in
> the Aristotalian modes that so enraged and disheartened "Phaedrus." You
> claim to pursue Quality, but fail to present Quality arguments. It is no
> wonder Pirsig himself retired: he lived to see his revolution
> institutionalized- the worst thing that could ever happen to a visionary.
> Well bravo, academia. Bravo Aristotle. Your imprints have not been, and
> seemingly never will be, escaped.

Hi Isaac,
For me, this is a matter of what is good.
The MOQ says that it is immoral for social patterns to dominate intellectual
For me, Bo, who i admire and recommend, has allowed social patterns to
dominate intellectual patterns in the tragic manner so extensively explored
by Greek culture before the rise of philosophy. In other words, i am quoting
experts in the field of quality: Ancient greek dramatists, of which Plato was
an admirer. (Aristophenes for example.)
Aristotle was plato's Pupil and his later work in Rhetoric is a rational, and
inappropriate way of attempting to encapsulate social quality?
I am not an academic in this forum, and you will find i tend to shy away from
that mode of expression even though i am an undergraduate philosophy student.

If you reflect upon your own statements and then consider Bo's position, you
may discover some value in what i am saying.
I am not a jealous man.
I do not envy Bo's excellent and deserved reputation as one who has
contributed to the wider understanding of Pirsig's work.
I have no wish to build status or authority which may in any sense challenge
My position is simply one of ripeness. There is an exact moment of high
quality when the fruit is at its best?

All the best,

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