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> For Platt.
> Your last post (9 Sep.) really hit the nail on the head. I will savour it
> for a
> while (I needed it after Squonkstail's "mutiny" :) before returning to the
> microscopic points that could be expanded on. Thank you so far and back to
> business..

Hi folks,
Do you see how Bo's own rhetoric is couched in terms of power? The captain?
The leader? Business as usual?
Bo's value trap conceals from him his own flawed character traits, and this
is the source of the tragedy i speak of.


I have asked Bo a number of questions regarding these matters and have
received response.
I have asked Bo to comment upon rationality as METHOD but nothing.
The best he can say is that i am 'with' Pirsig.
Division along social patterning. With or without.

The man actually thinks he is on Pirsig's level!
More than this, he actually thinks he can give Pirsig a run for his money and
put him right in one or two places!
You cannot deal with a man like that.
No amount of arguing will dent that ego.

Business as usual...
The phrase has a dead, inhuman and Monday morning thud about it...

(keeping his chin up)

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