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Date: Thu Sep 12 2002 - 21:01:36 BST


Since my research was conducted autonomously, it is true that I may be
mistaking the social vibe for the collective consciousness. If it is true we
need to give much more consideration to social vibe because the phenomena I
am identifying with plays a significant role in the processes and dynamics of
society. I visualize this phenomena using the bell curve theory. In the
middle one-third of the bell curve two-thirds of the population who have a
basic equal balance of logic thinking and primitive thinking. At one end of
the bell curve are those who lean more strongly toward their logic thinking
and at the other in on the bell curve are those who lean more strongly toward
their primitive thinking. I use this same bell curve theory to visualize my
own individual consciousness as well as others. This same dynamics and
processes apply to both the individual bell curve or the bell curve in
society. Every relationship we have within ourselves or with others has a
consciousness specific to that relationship. This relationship can be with
one other person, within neighborhood, city, club, church, states, the nation
or our relationship with the world. Each person has a natural positioning
within the bell curve. And in any healthy relationship that position will be
fairly consistent. However, in an unhealthy relationship your position on
that bell curve may shift in relationship to the dysfunctional aspects of
that bell curve. Once again, this distortion can exist within the individual
or any other relationship possessing unhealthy dynamics. And this is all
about a communications process. Anything and anyone who impacts the
consciousness in each relationship is part of this communication process.
For instance in a relationship between two people a consciousness will
develop over time. It can be impacted by any factors that either of these
people bring into the relationship, such as an ex-boyfriend, our car, a
horse, a house etc. When these two people are apart and think about each
other they are tapping into this consciousness. Of course everyone can
recognize this phenomenon but what we don't see is the impact of it on our
subconscious. The subconscious hones in on it like a radio tuning into a
certain frequency and it can influence our position within the consciousness,
bell curve, of that relationship. In a healthy relationship our position on
the bell curve will be similar in both our individual consciousness as well
as the consciousness within this relationship. That is assuming of course
that each of these individuals in the relationship has a healthy relationship
to their individual curve.

My assertion here is that people are more strongly influenced by our
relationship with the many consciousness we are involved with than our
society believes. A person with a mental illness has an uncomfortable
position within their individual consciousness, or bell curve. The role of a
therapist is to create an environment that allows the patient to assume a
more comparable position within their bell curve. However, this same person
in their other relationships may distort those consciousness in such a way
that people who have a healthy relationship with their consciousness, or in
other words they have assumed a comfortable position on their individual bell
curve, may be adversely impacted by their association with the consciousness
in their relationship with this mentally ill person. For instance, in a
marriage where the consciousness, or position on the bell curve, is
influenced by a husband who leans strongly toward their primitive thinking
may force the wife to position herself much more strongly toward logic
thinking than she is in her own consciousness, or position on her bell curve,
which will more than likely give her discomfort while involved in the
consciousness of that relationship. If this discomfort is strong enough it
might encourage her to do things outside of her normal behaviors to
compensate for this discomfort. There is more to come but I need to leave


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