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Date: Thu Sep 12 2002 - 23:59:08 BST

Hi Thomas, Erin,

--- Erin Noonan <> wrote:
> Thomas:>>Small but fascinating detail: According to some scholars the
> ancient
> >>Greeks didn't have concepts for what we later called subject and
> >>object. Especially in Homer's writings these terms are apparently
> >>not found. This gives some extremely interesting perspectives for
> >>MOQ.
> >
> Erin: They may have not referred to "subject" and "objects"
> but they have used other substitutions?

Just one question pops up when I read through this thread. Thomas
wanders how Quality creates the subject-object split. Indeed that is a
fundamental question, as is any question about where creation comes
from. But if I take a evolutionary biologist stance now (of which I can
see limits- if some read/recall my discussion with Roger on the
'emergent' issue), there's a tendency of nature, at least on this
planet, to 'self-organize' into self-reproducing and adapting entities,
from simple cells without and with cell-membrane, to multicellular
entities such as dinosaurs, birds and humans. Natural selection,
although it remains up today a mystery as to how it has created the
first rather complex cells to appear on stage, seems to lead to entities
that can be considered as unities. The awakening 'coming together'
consciousness that 'emerges' in them in order to deal efficiently whith
the environment (there's some reasoning behind this that I skipp for
now): isn't this a natural result?
To summarize: Are biological, multicellular entities not the essential
step toward individual consiousness, toward a evolutionary driven
creation of an 'I', illusion or not, that controls and moves the body it
has in surviving in this world?

I recall some biologists that have taken this kind of reasoning to
'explain' the creation of an 'I'. Erin, you might be familiar with
Gazzaniga's theory that consciousness is a feature of a small part of
the left brain-hemisphere. He sees evolutionary reasons for a mechanism
in the brain that deludes this conscious 'I'-part that it controls the
organisms behavior. I forgot the reasoning, however. Do you know it?

All the best, Pat.

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