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From: Erin Noonan (
Date: Sat Sep 14 2002 - 16:01:18 BST

PATRICK>I recall some biologists that have taken this kind of reasoning to
>'explain' the creation of an 'I'. Erin, you might be familiar with
>Gazzaniga's theory that consciousness is a feature of a small part of
>the left brain-hemisphere. He sees evolutionary reasons for a mechanism
>in the brain that deludes this conscious 'I'-part that it controls the
>organisms behavior. I forgot the reasoning, however. Do you know it?

Hi Patrick,

I loooovvved the split brain studies as an undergrad. It is still my favorite
psych experiments ever. Pirsig's talks about the hem specialization in
one of his posts but don't think he would like Gazz talking
about the mind/brain split. Gazz makes a mind/brain split where the mind is an
interpreter in the left hemisphere. I think this is the I you are
talking about?
But I'm curios to what Pirsig would think about these studies.
I think they makes sene in the pre/post of that analytical knife.

Here is a brief summary:



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