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From: Erin Noonan (
Date: Sat Sep 14 2002 - 19:03:36 BST

MATT: I guess i still see it just being an implicit assumption
>>that doesn't really get talked about until modern day fields
>>that exam this assumption.
>I won't deny that fact that their are implicit assumptions working in our
>langauge. Explicating these assumptions helps us overcome them (if they
>need to be overcome). However, think of it this way: were you able to
>articulate the problems you had with subject/object thinking until you
>began to talk this way? If you had been introduced to an alternative
>distinction, you might have been able to articulate your misgivings, but I
>doubt they would have been able to be directly equated with the misgivings
>of a subject/object distinction. See what I'm saying? (I'm having
>articulating myself, at the moment;-) Think of Pirsig's talk of platypi.
>These platypi are linguistic. The problems and platypi arise because of
>the way we talk. So, to get rid of them, we need to change the way we talk.
>At least, this would be an historicist interpretation. The Chomskyes of
>the world would definitely be more inclined to believe that there is a root
>bottom constant in our language and, therefore, description of the world.

Well there isn't a grammar in any language that strays from
(only the order strays). But I do think subject and object
 has a nuance factor also; universal grammer of course doesn't equal
universal thought.
I'm sorry but I'm not completely sold yet.
What you said about articulating the subject/object until we began to talk
this way is getting at what I am having trouble with---
You don't really start thinking about this until adolescence
and onwards.
At what age did YOU really start to think about "subjects" and
It also doesn't surprise Homer doesn't use these I said
most fictional work today doesn't either.
I guess what I am having trouble with is that an 8 yr old TODAY and
an 8 year old in Homer's time wouldn't have discussed subject and
It seems to be a developmental or schooling not just a historical aspect.
There is some research showing that without a certain level of
education, particularly math that adults today do not develop
full abstract abilities.


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