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Date: Sat Sep 14 2002 - 19:48:02 BST

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> Erin, Squonk participants in MF 'time' discussion from a while ago.
> Hi I know some of you are interested in ''time'', the latest special
> edition
> of Scientific American is called ''a matter of time'', interesting issue. I
> recall a question of you Erin about animals(rats) keeping track of time and
> you were curious about mechanisms for keeping track of this, there is an
> article about biological clocks in it which I found interesting
> (though sometimes social and biological clocks seem to be confused, would
> be
> nice to discuss)
> Greetz davor

Hi Davor,
Yes i remember!
For me, Time is a matter of value generation, while Time for scientists is an
attribute of the cosmos.

Hope to have more to say soon....

All the best,

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