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> >> Hi Matt,
>> Leaving quality undefined allows a personal interpretation.
>> All the best,
>> Squonk.
> Wh--, did I say something? Or, even, did I say something contrary to that?
> If not, then, yeah. I agree, Squonk.

Matt m'lad,
Quality creates us and we then presume to create Metaphysics.
But metaphysics is created by Quality, so a Quality metaphysics is probably
the best Intellectual pattern of value we are likely to see for some time?
Bo's SOLILOQUY hole that wasn't, (Sings: 'I'm fixin' a hole where the rain
gets in, to keep my mind from wanderin,' where it will gooooooooo-oooo...) is
a massive misunderstanding of the intellectual level in my view, not because
he interprets, but because he does not understand.
You may wish to ask what he IS supposed to understand?
I would say he is a maze of value patterns of which one is that there is a
'he' to understand in the first place. This 'he' is Bo's problem, for in
order to maintain it, he has to dig a differentiated hole in which his ghost
may sit. (That's SIT ok? titter.)

All the best,

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