Re: MD Rhetoric as Philosophy

Date: Sun Sep 15 2002 - 17:30:23 BST

Matt et.all

Re: point 5 you said Pirsig's overemphasization of "duty towards oneself."

Here you seem to suggest Pirsig over stresses this point. IMO It isn't the
amount of self emphasis but the process of self emphasis. There is a world of
difference between selfish expression of self and self oriented expression of
self. Empathy IMO is little understood. The primary function of empathy is to
enable the communication process. It diminishes conflict, (mostly due to
misunderstanding), in the communication process. Our consciousness is a
communication process. Empathy breaks down the barriers to effective
communications. A person with well developed empathy skills is not
debilitated because of dysfunctional thinking. This enables more effective
communication both interpersonally and with others. The problems in society
are a direct result of poor communications due to a lack of empathy. IMO a
successful society has much more to do with the communications process than
the form of government. Even Communism would be successful in a climate of
effective communications skills.


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