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From: Erin Noonan (
Date: Sun Sep 15 2002 - 17:47:52 BST

As soon as I hit "send" on that post I KNEW somebody would object
to that. I think kids can experience Quality but I don't think they have
the abstract capabilities of thinking about Metaphysics of Quality
until about adolescense. We can reinforce 'quality' in kids in ways
you are suggesting so they are more readily prepared but I still
argue that they will not 'get' it at an early age.
I think it is a difference between cognition and metacognition.
When Pirsig writes about SOM and MOQ the "aha" experience we feel is a
metacognitive experience. I think there is a difference between
cognitive thinking about subjects, objects, and quality and
metacognitively thinking about them.

I've heard this one argument. It might be a little extreme but
it is nonetheless interesting to think about.
(i know its much more complex then this but that doesn't mean there
isn't some truth to it)
It was saying why adolescents are so idealistic and suicidal is
that because this is when these abstract abilities come in
(thinking about abstract concepts like justice and death).

Good to a little kid is what gets a smile out of mom and dad.
"Good" as an abstract concept I really doesn't start to happen until
so yes i do think kids experience quality and you can prepare them
to think about 'quality' in ways you express but i still think
kids can't 'get' quality.


>Erin and all.
>Your question regarding teaching children to recognize quality is easier than
>you think. For a Human Being to grow up with a whole mind, which includes
>recognizing quality, is to teach them empathy skills. That means you would
>need the skills yourself which may be the most difficult part of that. There
>is an inherent conflict between our duality because of differing values and
>perceptions of reality between these two processes of thinking. Empathy
>facilitates communication, thus diminishing this inherent conflict. This may
>not be couched in your academic language here, but it is utile information

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