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> 5. Finally, and most importantly, is Pirsig's overemphasization of "duty
> towards oneself." This narcissism can make one feel as though there's
> something missing. Rorty furnishes a good expression of this fear: the
> irrevocable split of the private and public realm. The private realm's
> "duty towards oneself" is complimented by a ressurected public realm "duty
> towards others." Philosophy, here, can then be seen as an attempt to see
> how the self hangs together with others.
> 6. This also splits rhetoric. Rhetoric in the private realm is
> self-expression towards self-perfection. Rhetoric in the public realm is
> self-expression towards the minimization of cruelty to others (from Rorty's
> appropriation of Judith Shklar's definition of a "liberal").
> Matt

Hi Matt,
Having a duty towards oneself in Pirsigian terms may have more to do with
Ancient Chinese modes of thinking which has an inherent social base.
I know that may sound contradictory, but a good society is built upon good
If: 5. Finally, and most importantly... what's all this 6 stuff! ;-P
Only joshing.

You are really into Rorty aren't you?

All the best,

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