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> I agree, Pirsig was certainly thinking of this. And I can only agree that
> a good society is built upon good people. However, if we look back at
> Chinese society we might be inclined to believe that they didn't practice
> what they preached. They were extremely class based and oppressive, as
> much so as almost every other advanced Ancient civilization. The moral of
> the story that someone like Rorty would pull out is that we need to be
> careful when we say "duty towards oneself will make us good people, which
> will make us a good society." "Good people" as in "good people who make up
> a good society" are those who pay attention to the "duty towards others,"
> in addition to the "duty towards oneself."
> And, yes, I really am into Rorty. I am as attacked by obsession (which we
> can define as the adopting of another's vocabulary) with Rorty, for better
> or for worse, as I was with Pirsig four years ago.
> Matt

Hi Matt,
Chinese history is long and varied, and you don't need me to tell you this.

All the best,
Sqonk. :-)

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