MD Irrationality

From: Erin Noonan (
Date: Mon Sep 16 2002 - 14:46:55 BST

PLATT: Regarding "irrationality," I use it pejoratively because to me it means
"unintelligent," that is, behavior that, if universalized, would cause a drop
down a moral level or two, such as an unwillingness to resist totalitarian
governments. I do not associate irrationality with DQ, so I disagree that one
must become irrational to "proliferate new metaphors or Dynamic Quality"
as you seem to suggest. Dynamic Quality, as pure, direct experience,
is prior to any intellectualizing, whether deemed irrational or not. If you
said postmodernism fosters and celebrates beauty, we would instantly agree.
But I have yet to see that Rorty or any other postmodernist (or post-
Philosophy celebrant) focus on beauty as an organizing principle. Perhaps I
have a misconception about this, too.

ERIN: I think irrationality is being used two ways--more
then intellectual value and lacking intellectual value.
Do you think beauty is limited by rationality....does that make
it irrational.... I don't know for me I think I would use different
terms to distinguish but don't know what.

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