RE: MD Irrationality

From: Erin Noonan (
Date: Mon Sep 16 2002 - 19:37:10 BST

>on 9/16/02 9:46 AM, Erin Noonan brought forth the following from the
>> I think irrationality is being used two ways--more
>> then intellectual value and lacking intellectual value.
>> Do you think beauty is limited by rationality....does that make
>> it irrational.... I don't know for me I think I would use different
>> terms to distinguish but don't know what.
>Some terminology suggestions:
> o prerational - the preintellectual awareness (of Quality)
> o arational - judgements in which rationality is irrelevant (beauty?)
> o irrational - degenerative attempt to get out of intellectual level
> o postrational - larger awareness that includes static (intellectual
>analysis) and Dynamic.
>Just some ideas to throw out there.
Hello Matt the hanged man not to be confused with Matt the Enraged

I would say welcome back but I wasn't here two years ago so i will
just say hello.
Thanks for the terminology suggestions.
I don't know where beauty belongs.
I'm also wondering about the exact difference between pre & post rational.
Pre is before the hatchet job of the analyitical knife is post the
stitches and healing. Is it the same as before it went under the knife?



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