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> Thanks for the terminology suggestions.

You're welcome!

> I don't know where beauty belongs.

Neither do I. But I guess that's the nature of beauty, yes? It doesn't
like being categorized.

> I'm also wondering about the exact difference between pre & post rational.
> Pre is before the hatchet job of the analyitical knife is post the
> stitches and healing. Is it the same as before it went under the knife?

Postrationality is what you get after looking at it rationally and after
looking at it in other ways. There is some quality to be gained from
rational analysis and some quality to be gained from all other kinds of
interpretations, as well as including prerational impressions (if such
things can even be spoken or thought of after the fact) in a synthesis. I'm
not even sure if this category makes any sense, but if it does, it would
definitely be different from prerationality.

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