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> Some terminology suggestions:
> o prerational - the preintellectual awareness (of Quality)
> o arational - judgements in which rationality is irrelevant (beauty?)
> o irrational - degenerative attempt to get out of intellectual level
> o postrational - larger awareness that includes static (intellectual
> analysis) and Dynamic.
> Just some ideas to throw out there.

Hi Matt B,
Rationality is, in my view, a tool in the tool box.
Rationality is beautiful in its own way, and increases in beauty when used
There may be no such thing as the Irrational? The term irrational is used
pejoratively to inflate the status of rational methodology?
We either use rational methods or we don't.
If we do use rational methods we must be careful to remind ourselves that it
is not exclusive to do so; after all, inspiration is not rational but may be
of high value, and may even be said to be the driving force behind rational
method itself?

May i also add, that rational methodology does not necessarily imply
subject/object division? If one divides along lines of value, one still
divides but one may be said to be using better method?

This has been written off the top of my head with little application of
revision or editing. That's the way i like to work and try to capture the
moment. Therefore, may i ask for leniency if you should discover low quality

All the best,

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