Re: MD Irrationality

From: Platt Holden (
Date: Mon Sep 16 2002 - 22:01:19 BST

Hi Matt the H.

> Some terminology suggestions:
> o prerational - the preintellectual awareness (of Quality)


> o arational - judgements in which rationality is irrelevant (beauty?) o

Same as prerational. No need for another label. Quality judgments are
embodied in pre-intellectual awareness, i.e., you cannot separate moral
judgment from direct experience. Quality is inclusive with experience.

> irrational - degenerative attempt to get out of intellectual level o


> postrational - larger awareness that includes static (intellectual
> analysis) and Dynamic.

Disagree, because "postrational" implies rationality is no longer needed
in the "modern" age. If anything, what we need is a "rational morality"
such as proposed by the MOQ where what is good and bad, right and
wrong can be discussed within a rational (highly explanatory and
meaningful) framework of moral evolutionary levels. Any suggestion that
we should go "beyond" rationality is not only misguided, but
dangerous. When a society discards standards of reason and defiles
criteria for distinguishing facts from fictions and truths from falsehoods,
what remains are arguments by ad hominem personal attacks and
mindless struggles for power among groups by appeals to "solidarity."


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