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From: Erin Noonan (
Date: Mon Sep 16 2002 - 22:32:33 BST

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>Hi Matt the H.
>> Some terminology suggestions:
>> o prerational - the preintellectual awareness (of Quality)
>> o arational - judgements in which rationality is irrelevant (beauty?) o
>Same as prerational. No need for another label. Quality judgments are
>embodied in pre-intellectual awareness, i.e., you cannot separate moral
>judgment from direct experience. Quality is inclusive with experience.
>> irrational - degenerative attempt to get out of intellectual level o
>> postrational - larger awareness that includes static (intellectual
>> analysis) and Dynamic.
>Disagree, because "postrational" implies rationality is no longer needed
>in the "modern" age. If anything, what we need is a "rational morality"
>such as proposed by the MOQ where what is good and bad, right and
>wrong can be discussed within a rational (highly explanatory and
>meaningful) framework of moral evolutionary levels. Any suggestion that
>we should go "beyond" rationality is not only misguided, but
>dangerous. When a society discards standards of reason and defiles
>criteria for distinguishing facts from fictions and truths from falsehoods,
>what remains are arguments by ad hominem personal attacks and
>mindless struggles for power among groups by appeals to "solidarity."
i'm not sure if there is a difference between pre & post rational BUT
to me it implies that we shouldn't put the rational above
the prerational


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