Re: MD Irrationality

Date: Tue Sep 17 2002 - 01:10:03 BST

SQUONK :This has been written off the top of my head with little
>> of
>> >revision or editing. That's the way i like to work and try to capture the
>> >moment. Therefore, may i ask for leniency if you should discover low
>> quality
>> >here?
>> ERIN: how about as lenient as you are to Bo ;-)
>Hi Erin,
>I can be lenient about anything except low quality.

you ask us to be lenient if we discover low quality in your post
but cannot be lenient about low quality yourself.....
that's just, just, just irrational :-PPP


You're a jolly chap aren't you?
Needed that smile.
Thanks Erin.

Squonk. ;)

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