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From: Platt Holden (
Date: Tue Sep 17 2002 - 16:47:46 BST

Hi Matt the E:

First, your effort and patience in attempting to alleviate my confusion
and objections to your Rortyan viewpoint is much more than I deserve.
To say that Iím overwhelmed by your response is to put it mildly. Many
thanks for making such a yeoman attempt to clarify matters.

Perhaps you feel, however, as I do that weíre in danger of straying too
far away from the purpose of this site, namely, to discuss Pirsigís
metaphysics. Iím sure there are other sites devoted to Rorty where a
discussion like those weíve had lately would be more appropriate.

So in an attempt to bring our exchanges back within the MOQ orbit,
here is a list intended to highlight your points of agreement and
disagreement with Pirsigís views as best as I can discern them from
what youíve written in a number of posts in the past month or so.

Ideas and values you and Pirsig agree on:

Metaphysics a menu, map
Openness to new experiences and ideas
Seeking freshness
Seeking quietude
Striving for excellence
The high value of freedom
Uncovering hidden assumptions

Positions you take that Pirsig doesnít agree with:

Anti-intellectualism, anti-rationalism
DQ and not DQ = Quality
Must resist the Good, True, God, Reason, Science
Nothing interesting about correspondence truth

Ideas you present that Pirsig says nothing about.

Aesthetic axis
Final vocabularies
Oedipal cycle
Vocabulary proliferation

Iím sure you can (and should) add, change, delete items on these lists.
Even with your valiant attempts to clarify the Rortyan view, Iím still
thoroughly confused on many points. So I again must ask for your

Where it appears we can go forward arm and arm without hesitation is
in our passion for freedom and for bringing to light those elusive
assumptions that so many blithely ignore, to their own and societyís


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