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From: Nathan Lund (
Date: Tue Sep 17 2002 - 20:10:01 BST

>A correction: our grammar is subject/predicate based, not
>based. The grammar fulfills the general pragmatic function of first
>stating the topic (or subject) to be discussed, and then saying
>something about it (the comment or predicate). (In other words,
>different meanings of the word "subject" (and "object").)
>But on philosophical subjects and objects, I read somewhere that the
>first philosophic use of the terms "subjective" and "objective" (or
>there Greek equivalents) was among the Stoics, i.e., post-Aristotle,
>read somewhere else (I need a better filing system) that the locus of
>the two switched between medieval times and ours, that is, the
>was ideational, the subjective phenomenal.
>And, of course, my oft-mentioned Barfield gives a well-argued thesis
>contrary to your thoughts about Homer having any concepts like
>and "object", and couldn't have, since consciousness didn't evolve into
>subject/object form until later.
>- Scott

Though some of this is quite interesting, I often find things discussed in this forum hard to read because, as is much of what's above, so much of what I read feels, to me, to be a lot of nitpicking.

No offense intended to Scott or anyone else personally, but when I come check my mail and find 75 emails completely filled with this sort of thing (not that a lot of it isn't interesting nitpicking, it's just so excessive), I find myself just deleting it all. I've got five books I'm reading at the moment and its just plain hard to keep up.


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