RE: MD Foreward to Zen Environment

From: Kevin (
Date: Wed Sep 18 2002 - 21:44:37 BST


Great find! Thanks for the post. I agree with you that this tidbit helps
illuminate that there is definitely an ironist mood or flavor to
Pirsig's work that is largely ignored in the Literalist quest for a
Refined and Canonized MOQ that seems to dominate much of the
conversation around here.

I found your thoughts in the Food For Thought thread to be marvelously
helpful and enlightening. Your "historicized Pirsig" resonates with me
greatly. I was also startled to find that even when you've lapsed into
your most specialized of Rorty-esque vocabularies (I'm unfamiliar with
Rorty's work) that I find it all completely lucid and somehow familiar.
It smacks of genuinely high Quality and I thank you.


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