RE: MD Irrationality

From: Thomas (
Date: Thu Sep 19 2002 - 08:03:55 BST

>Islamic societies haven't evolved to the intellectual level and thus
>closed all discussion of truth criteria as you rightly point out.

Pardon me, and this should not be the place to discuss this, but
how much do you know about islamic societies? Between 600 and ca
1300 AD Islamic culture has been flowering whereas we here in the
west were then still groveling in the mud (apart from those few residing
in church life). The Arabic culture has been partly responsible for
the transmission of Greek philosophy to Western Europe (!), Music
was extremely developed compared to western music at that time (also
mainly focused in churches), Astronomy and mathematics were advanced,
Poetry was flowering as never before in Arabic countries..... etc

So please be informed before calling a society "underevolved" or
whatever. (But all this aside - lets stick to the subject; but I
just had to jump in here)

yours respectfully

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