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Date: Thu Sep 19 2002 - 16:28:27 BST

At Thursday, 19 September 2002, you wrote:

>It might be interesting to explain in terms of the MOQ the demise
of the
>Arabic culture after 1300 and the rise of the West. It appears the
>lifted itself into the intellectual level while Islam slipped back
to the
>social. Assuming that's true, the question is why.

I'm afraid the difference is partly very banally explained: from
then on, the western armies defeated muslim armies (from austria
onwards towards the south-east - in those times the muslim empire
reached austria!). Later on, the west took over many muslim countries
- southeast asia became English/French, Indonesia Dutch, Africa was
divided etc etc. Thus Muslim culture was prevented from developinhg
any further - and christianity was expanded... Not so nice a picture,

I read this all in a fascinating article in the Times Literary Supplement.
It tries to explain (partly again!) the hostiliy from Islamic cultures
towards the west. This not so much explained by wealth of lack of
it, but by cultural frustration.


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