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Date: Thu Sep 19 2002 - 21:03:29 BST

>Sorry to "nitpick" , but this is a myth widely propagated by Disney, ABC Movies of >the week and romantics. The truth is that some indigenous people live in harmony >with their environment, and others don't. I know of no hemisphere studies on >hunters and gathers, but will certainly keep both my 'spheres open to your >evidence if you could pass it on.
Don't worry, Rog, you're not nitpicking; you're asking for evidence. Quite the difference.
I can't support what Erin said, because I don't know which studies she's refering to. As far as "evidence" goes, I can give you none. What I stated is based on my own observations and correlations taken from things I've read regarding various indigenous lifestyles. I read a few books several years ago about native americans (they were checked out from the library and I don't remember the titles), and I believe some articles ... somewhere ... about ... some central or south american peoples I believe.
And, I'll agree, I'm sure not all indigenous peoples live in harmony with their surroundings. It would be a gross generalization to say all indigenous people do. I apologize for not specifiying.
>Please support the assertion that indigenous people have a clearer idea about how
>to manage the forest and/or are less clouded by fragmentation.
They live and interact from within their invironment. Their knowledge of their surroundings is not based on information on a piece of paper or external studies; it is recieved directly (or as directly as one can get) by interaction. They are closer to the reality of their surroundings by living as a part of it, whereas a government forest management is only partially in contact with the forest, they are an external factor in it. Data recorded about reality is much farther from reality; it is more fragmented. This, to me, is blatantly obvious.
>Could you please document the assertion that white roofs solve the problem or that
>preventative medicine is more common in Eastern cultures. I get the feeling you
>are just making this stuff up. I am probably wrong, of course.

My assertion, actually, is that white roofs do not solve the problem.
Not preventative medecine, necessarily, but preventative measures. Better diet, regular excercize is a bigger part of the school system (or at least according to what I've read about schools in China). I know there's more but I'm drawing a blank at the moment.
Also, I should note that when I speak of eastern philosophy or ways of thinking, I don't simply mean asian culture. I'm speaking broadly of what is commonly refered to as eastern thinking. This thinking exists in more than just asian cultures (it is even, somehwhat surprisingly, beginning to bleed into modern quantum physics).

>Now this I believe.

Do I sense a condescending tone?

All the best,

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