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Date: Thu Sep 19 2002 - 22:23:27 BST

Hi Jonathan and All,

Thanks, Jonathan, for the comparison of "Rationality" and "Reason"!
Phaedrus' dedication to the Church of Reason seemed to be a dedication to
something complete. IMO Reason also includes existence and purpose as well
as rationality, and is human not just a product of acacemia.


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From: "Jonathan B. Marder"
> Hi Kevin, Platt, Wim, Matt, Eric, Squonk, Jhmau, Maggie and all,
> Though the two words Rationality and Reason share the same root, in
> modern usage they do not quite mean the same thing.
> Rationality is codified and logical; it lies at the heart of SOM.
> But rationality is reason's poor cousin. It is what we use to argue the
> case of what already seems to be reasonable.
> Rationality is reason stripped of value.
> Reason is simpler and bigger - you don't need training in logic to have
> a sense of reason.
> Sometimes, a "rational" analysis leads to an unreasonable conclusion. An
> example is eugenics - entirely rational, but IMO unreasonable and
> immoral.
> In ZAMM, Phaedrus's dedication to the Church of Reason was shattered
> when he discovered academia to be a pagan temple to rationality.
> Jonathan

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