RE: MD Islam and MOQ

From: Thomas (
Date: Fri Sep 20 2002 - 08:05:49 BST

Hear, hear!
Thanks for your fine and nuanced comments.
These issues are so sensitive lately and one might easily relapse
in superficial and unsupported judgments about whatever culture.

yours with hope,

PS Wim (& others), my essay on Pirsig's Platypi has been almost finished,
but I'm gonna combine them with my previous mail on ch. 8 of Lila
to make one whole - a critical reading of this quite important if
not central chapter. Coming soon :o)

At Thursday, 19 September 2002, you wrote:

>I see a lot of Value in this topic, but I'd like to make some simple
>suggestions to perhaps steer the conversation.


>Some historians have even suggested that the Virulent Strains Islam
>seem to embrace so-called primitive societies (Taliban, Wahabis) are
>nothing more than products of Colonialism. The rejection of Technology
>because it is associated with the Colonial Oppressors rather than a
>rejection of Technology for it's own merits.
>With hope,

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